Another Viewpoint Banner, Tim Lacy

By Tim Lacy

The Superbowl is behind us and a new champion has been crowned. There is a mixed bag of fans out there wearing the results of the game like a cloak of joy or a shroud, take your pick.  It was no challenge to separate the rooters, all you had to do was drive past a house after the game to hear the cheers of joy from the winners; or the dead silence from the households of the losers.  I – like most of you – have been a fan of Superbowl Sunday since the beginning, but this year things took on a different flavor.

The death of NBA Legend Kobe Bryant left a black cloud over most households and the cries of joy were toned down considerably.  The loss of Kobe sent me down memory lane to resurrect some of the legends who came before and some beside Kobe. In some cases the play of the player warrants a nickname from the fans.

To name a few, I will start with Earl Monroe “Black Magic”.  When Earl took a player into the lane with his jukes and spins it would have been charitable to offer the defender a barf bag to hold until he could collect himself.  It was like a Disney “E” ticket ride. Julius Erving “Dr. J” I don’t know where the moniker “Dr.’ came from, but most players needed one when he took flight from the foul line to deliver one of his wall shaking dunks.  Allen Iverson, no nickname, but he could turn on the lights. He was so fast he held the distinction of faking Michael Jordan out of his sneakers. Speaking of Michael “Air” Jordan. Every time some pretender to the “All Time Best” throne emerges, he is compared to Michael Jordan.  End of conversation. Charles Barkley, “The Round mound of rebound” looked like a factory worker standing on the bus stop carrying a lunch pail. When the whistle blew a different Charles showed up.

There isn’t enough room on this page to list the greats and their colorful nicknames, but this is all about Kobe Bryant “The Black Mamba”.  This is the deadliest snake on the register. If a Black Mamba bites you, don’t bother to dial 911, just go stand in the check out lane. If you were to look up and see Kobe coming at you, put a smile on your face and say a little prayer for the guy who is going to try to stop him.

Kobe has left us, but that’s God’s plan. Rest in peace Kobe.