By Tim Lacy, Special to the AFRO

The great NFL no call travesty isn’t going away anytime soon. If you are a football fan,you were tuned in to the Saints vs Rams to decide who will advance to the Superbowl. The game was a nail biter and despite the overwhelming fouls called in favor of the Rams, the Saints kept marching in. On what could have been the most decisive play of the game for the Saints, a flagrant foul was committed. The Rams cover corner plowed into the Saints receiver 5 yards away from the incoming pass. This reception would have given the Saints a first down and put them in almost certain scoring position. The ball fell to the turf and the action from the officials was NO CALL.

With 35,000 people screaming it seems to me one of the seven zebras on the field should have noticed that there was something wrong with this picture.  Along with that, there are officials in a room somewhere off site to watch replays and communicate a reversal of the action.  I play a little poker, and I recognize a stacked deck when I see one.  People from Alaska to China who witnessed this robbery are still crying foul.  They can’t change the outcome, but they want the NFL Officials to know they recognize BS when they smell it.  After the officials were brought under scrutiny the only response was, “My bad!!!” Gail Benson (owner of the Saints) ain’t going to let this pass without somebody dealing with her legal eagles.

Now enter “Do nothing” Roger Goodell NFL Commish.  He has the power to rectify this whole situation.  He can order that time be put back on the clock and the game be played from the spot of the foul.  He can order that the entire 4th quarter be replayed.  Whatever the decision, he needs to do something.  Knowing Goodell, that ain’t going to happen.

Remember it was Goodell who changed the Pro Bowl to the weekend before the Super Bowl.  There are players in the Super Bowl who have been voted to play in the Pro Bowl.  This can’t happen, because the Big Show is now in the following week.  So, while the greatest contest of the year is being contested in the frozen tundra somewhere, the Pro Bowlers are basking in the sun in Hawaii.  To add insult to injury, the game will be played in Florida this year.  This might be ok if a hurricane doesn’t come along and redecorate the landscape.

Tim Lacy

Special to the AFRO