By Tim Lacy, Special to the AFRO

NFL, NBA, MLB AND NHL are all acronyms for the professional teams that occupy the mind and eyes of us sports junkies. If you don’t get enough of the pros, after your yard work is finished on Saturday, you can kick back with a cold drink and let the college teams satisfy your jones for sports action. If your spouse (remember that woman you promised to love and honor?) doesn’t drag you off to the mall, you go to bed Sunday night smiling over experiencing a perfect weekend.

For those of you who have suffered the losing seasons of the Nationals, your patience has finally been rewarded. After virtually disappearing from the winner’s circle of World Series Champions since 1924 the Washington fans can exhale and be proud that the team lived up to the slogan, “Finish the fight!” After all, 95 years is a long time between drinks.

(Courtesy Images and Logos)

Now that the comfort has returned to your TV watching, turn your attention to the young high school jocks who will one day light up your TV with their performances. I have tried to keep you up to speed with the deeds performed by my knuckleheads, Maddie, Jordan and John, but unless you live in Texas, you will find high school sports treated like an afterthought.

The stepchild of sports at any level is track and field. Unless it is an Olympic year, you need the super, ultra, extra special package to pick up a track meet on TV.

I discovered that although it may be hard to find, it is alive and well right here in River City. Put down the newspaper and write down these names, Bella and Juliette Whittaker. These sisters bring so much heat to the track that cold drink sales rise 25 percent. Bella is older and Mr. Whittaker can’t keep the college recruiters off of his front porch.

Bella is joined by her sister Juliette, Jordan and “you pick ’em” in the 4x whatever relays, and when they crank up that machine it feels like all of the air is being sucked out of the stadium. In the case of the Whittaker sisters, it is a testament to the axiom, “The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree!” Mom and dad both strapped on the spikes for Georgetown.

If you are just sitting around playing with your remote and you feel this disturbance in the “Force,” there is a track meet in the neighborhood and the Whittaker machine just launched.

Pick up the phone and order the $500 cable package and watch a little track. You can thank me later.