I have had the good fortune of having my father, Sam Lacy, as both my mentor and my boss. One piece of advice he gave me was, “When you sit behind a typewriter to report your views to the public, your opinions must be unbiased and based on fact. You can’t play favorites.”

I took this as good advice since he built a Hall of Fame career behind a typewriter. I hope he isn’t looking over my shoulder now, because although I ain’t playing favorites, I’m going in the back door. To be clear, I am about to express my distaste for the New England Patriots and their hotshot quarterback.

A coach once said, “If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying.” Hang on a minute, I’ll get back to this. With all of the hype surrounding the Super Bowl and Tom Brady’s quest for a sixth ring, one would think the Eagles didn’t need to make the trip; they could phone in their score as long as it reflected a Patriots win. I already had a bad taste in my mouth, and Mrs. Lacy was going through the house mumbling. I never asked her what the problem was—I didn’t want her to drag out her soap box.

Another important lesson I learned from Sam was the importance of good sportsmanship. I have felt the sting of a loss more times than once, but I never pouted and never whined. This is the seed from which this column was born. When the game was over, and Tom Brady left the field without a single congratulations offered to his opponents, I reached for my keyboard. He had just witnessed a team who was given no chance instead rise to the occasion, and they deserved all of the accolades due a champion.

While I was steaming over this slight, I began to reflect on some of the bad behavior of the Patriots. If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying?

A few of the Patriots indiscretions are listed for your edification. We are all aware of the most recent hand-slap-worthy crime perpetrated by the Pats. With the weather cold enough to freeze your nunnys, the ball was like a brick. Somehow it was discovered that Brady was using an under-inflated ball making it easier to grip. This indiscretion was named DeflateGate.

There was SpyGate, when a Pats employee was caught filming the Jets practice. IRGate, when Brandon Spikes and Aqib Talib were falsely reported to be on injured reserve, giving the Pats a little room to play with the roster. SnowplowGate was used against the Dolphins; the game was played during a snowstorm, and when the Pats lined up to kick a field goal, a snow plow came onto the field and cleared a spot for the kicker and holder. PedsGate revealed that five Patriot players were caught using performance enhancing drugs. During HeadsetGate, the headsets used by the Steelers in a game against the Pats all of a sudden broadcasted only static. When this came to light, other teams said they’d had the same issue.

For the record, I ain’t saying that there may be a little cheating giving the Patriots an edge, but where there is smoke, there is fire. Or in this case, there’s Patriots. I’m jus’ sayin’.