I recently introduced you to my knucklehead grandchildren, Maddie (big sister), John (Mr. Solid) and Jordan (John’s twin sister).  To bring you up to speed, this whole story started with Jordan.  Jordan and John were born premature.  John was released from the hospital after two weeks, but Jordan was confined for six months.  When it was time for her to go home, the family meeting consisted of the doctors making the family aware that her mobility would be impaired together with a whole laundry list of ailments that would diminish her quality of life.

Jordan is now 13 years old, and as far as her mobility is concerned, she is running track and is faster than daylight.  Faith and prayer can go a long way.  John is also a strapping youngster, thus earning the moniker, Mr. Solid.  John plays baseball and when he picks up a bat, all the balls in the neighborhood get nervous.  I was made aware of John’s skills at a game when he stepped into the batter’s box the opposing coach issued one command to his outfield, “Back up!!!”  Maddie is the big sister, 10 months older and extremely shy.  Maddie swims, and her prowess in the pool is enough to put the Olympic Committee on notice.

They all play basketball and it is beautiful to watch them display the skills they have developed in the back yard. Maddie and John play on teams a level above their grades.  John’s team is a contender, while Maddie is quick to tell you her team is not too good.  Jordan has had a few games where she scores most of or all of the points.

Dave (Dad) is the athletic director for the league, and when Maddie’s team came up short two players he instructed Jordan to suit up.  When the sisters hit the court, there was a whole new dynamic.  Maddie’s prowess and Jordan’s speed turned the opponents into spectators.  It was beautiful to watch.  I told Ms. L they should have sold tickets.

To update their accomplishments, Maddie and John won their divisions of the Punt, Pass and Kick competition.  This is not surprising because Maddie became John’s brother and hangout partner and they spent hours in the backyard playing whatever sport was in season.  Maddie cautioned us not to get too giddy because the competition in her division was a little thin.  While John and Maddie were punting and passing footballs, Jordan donned her Supergirl costume and ran a 5K, leaving adults wondering what was that that just passed us.

My wife is their biggest fan, but when they all were inducted into the National Honor Society, Ms. L was heard to say, “The heck with all of that running and jumping, that’s what I’m talking about!”  A not so surprising comment from a teacher with 33 years educating youth.

Tim Lacy

Special to the AFRO