A few issues I have been soap boxing for quite some time have come to the surface recently, and I have got to take this opportunity to say, “I told you so.”

For years, I have said that Thursday Night Football is a money maker for the league, but bad for the players. I am not the only one who opposes this activity; many of my colleagues among the talking heads agree with me. The best proof can be found in a recent game. As the season goes along, players lose a half step because they are slowing down from fatigue. As a result, one team lost eight players to injury—you shouldn’t have to take that kind of punishment on three days’ rest. The ranks of the Washington NFL team have been so decimated that they are using practice players to fill the ranks of the regulars.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has turned a deaf ear to the pleas of the players; his only interest is making money for the owners so he can keep his job. The best proof of this is how he turned the one-off, “Let’s play a game in England” into three such games across the season. How stupid is that? Players have a difficult time playing through jet lag after flying from California to New York, since the three-hour time difference and the time on the plane takes its toll. 

As if this wasn’t enough of a slap in the face, he changed the venue of the Pro Bowl and flipped the timing of it with the Super Bowl. The stars who have worked so hard aren’t rewarded by the trip to Hawaii—they have to stay here in Green Bay or Minnesota or some other frozen city and freeze their nunnies off. On the positive side, the Commish has decided that the teams can remain in the locker room during the playing of the National Anthem. This decision has caused our illustrious President Trump to ignore the fact that we are involved in a standoff with North Korea in which a twitch may start a war to instead tweet about the NFL.

Goodell has other fish to fry without staying up half the night reading Trump’s tweets. He was looking forward to his new contract when he ran into a wall of his own, in the guise of Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones. Jerry has trotted out his bevy of high-priced lawyers and is threatening to sue everybody if Goodell’s contract is renewed. When Goodell suspended Ezekiel Elliott, the Cowboys lost one of their weapons and the team isn’t doing so well—Jerry ain’t happy.

I’m not sure Zeke is guilty. The only information I have seen was the word of a scorned ex-girlfriend. This is not like the case of Ray Rice, who dropped his girlfriend in plain sight of an elevator camera. The whole country supported that suspension. In the case of Adrian Peterson, who was suspended for spanking his child with a switch, I have a problem. So what? I was raised by loving parents, but when it came to discipline, they became vigilantes. Instead of six-guns and Winchester rifles, they used switches and belts. I got my chastisement by appointment, and spent the dinner hour staring at my pork chop waiting for the Executioner. Sam would suggest that I go take my bath and then see him. Oh! Oh!

I am not the only kid who has felt the sting of a switch, and most of them have turned out to be people who have shaped our society.

Some of you feel as I do, so my soap box came to good use today.

Tim Lacy

Special to the AFRO