By Tim Lacy, Special to AFRO

The NFL is sending us a watered down product. 

Have you noticed that for the past few weeks it has been hard to identify the quarterback for some teams? This is the guy who has a cool head and can stand in the face of a couple of charging freight trains and still perform. Potential Hall of Famers are limping around the sidelines while we are trying to get Google to shed some light on this guy with whom we are about to share our Sunday afternoon.

The Steelers have lost potential HoF Quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, for the season. Big Ben sustained an elbow injury and has been replaced with a second year stud, Mason Rudolph.  Rudolph is happy with his promotion, but he hasn’t met Von Miller and the boys. These guys will strap a permanent limp on you. However, this may be a blessing for the boys from Steel Town because Big Ben is about a minute from Social Security.

Saints HoF candidate, Drew Brees, went down in the line of duty with a thumb injury. Drew is a week to week hopeful, but Teddy Bridgewater is a step above average as a replacement.

The NY Giants have put two time Super Bowl winner Eli Manning on the bench. This move is a little late. They kept getting rid of their bread and butter receivers and I ain’t available to run a corner route for them. Victor Cruz would score a TD and dance a little salsa in the end zone.  Victor got nicked and the Giants gave him a bus ticket and said, “Adios!” Along came Odell Beckham Jr. Odell could go go get a football like a hound dog after a pork chop. Odell got nicked and then he got kicked. Plaxico Burress went to jail, so he doesn’t count, but, anyway, Eli was replaced by a rookie, Daniel Jones. I was looking for a coonskin cap, but that’s another Daniel.

Jets now rely on a second year prospect, Luke Falk. Ha, good luck!

The Carolina Panthers have won their last three games with Rookie Kyle Allen This may be a permanent situation because Cam Newton seems to be hearing footsteps. Cam was a Hi Lite film in his day, but I think his day has passed. 

To add to this tomfoolery, Patriots Rob Gronkowski is thinking about strapping on the pads again. I know Prince Tom will be glad to see him. On the other hand, a female soccer player Carli Lloyd is thinking about joining the NFL. Careful Carli, this ain’t the movies.

The most hilarious news comes from Antonio Brown who told the Patriots, “Play me or pay me!”

It has gotten to the point of, “You can’t tell the players without a scorecard”.


Tim Lacy

Special to the AFRO