Internet video sensation Antoine Dodson, thrust into fame a year ago with a Internet rant about an intruder, slipped onto the other side of fame April 23 with an arrest for marijuana possession and five minor offenses in Huntsville, Ala.

Dodson, stopped by police for speeding, was said to be in possession of marijuana when police officers searched him, according to TMZ.

During arrest processing, police said, five subsequent charges were filed, including failure to have auto insurance and missing a court date for another traffic offense. The 20 year-old was detained briefly, booked and released, according to the Madison County Sheriff’s Department website.

The incident comes a year after Dodson appeared in a Huntsville station’s report on an intruder who broke into his sister’s apartment in Huntsville and attempted to rape her. Dodson’s rant –“Hide your kids, Hide your wife”—has drawn 80 million hits on the Internet.

The rant became a song–the “Bed Intruder Song”–generated enough money to pay for Dodson and his family to move away from the crime scene and into a house.

Dodson made several appearances on TBS’ the “George Lopez Show” and was preparing to star in “The Chronicles of Rick Roll,” a YouTube comedy show.