Goodnight My Blessing by author Glo Rose. (Courtesy Photo)

Glo Rose presents her debut children’s picture book “Good Night My Blessing: A Mom’s Love Letter” to remind children they are tremendously loved

PHOENIX. – As a loving and proud mother to two amazing young sons, author Glo Rose was inspired to share the love she feels for her children in a book suitable for all families to enjoy so other children may know how special and loved they are as well.

In her debut children’s picture book, “Good Night My Blessing: A Mom’s Love Letter” she shares a beautiful and touching bedtime story that recounts the fun day a mother and son had together as she tucks him in at night. Filled will inspiring and caring words such as letting the child know “you are the smile I see when I want the best view” and “you are the hug I need when the days seem too long” will provide children with a much-needed reminder by the parent reading the book how precious they are to them and that they are tremendously loved.

“As parents, we are raising the next generation and that is not always easy,” said Rose. “As a result, our children constantly need to know they are loved. Even the littlest trait about them can bring a smile or a laugh to someone they love. We can’t always be our children’s best friends, but we can always be their biggest supporters and let them know they are extremely loved no matter what.”

Parents have the responsibility of teaching, nurturing, and guiding their children and sometimes that means they may need to be harder on them than they mean or want to. The book provides a love letter for parents to read to their children to let them know what they truly mean to them, and the words and thoughts in the book will provide love and comfort to them always.

“Good Night My Blessing: A Mom’s Love Letter”
By Glo Rose
ISBN: 978-1-6632-1980-0 (sc); 978-1-6632-1981-7 (e)
Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iUniverse

About the Author

Glo Rose is in her early 30s and is the mother of two wonderful little boys. While she was lucky to have a wonderful father and mother to love and watch over her, she saw many friends while growing up who were not so lucky. Rose knew she always wanted to write books that would inspire and help children feel love, brave, cherished, and special no matter what their background or where they are from as all children should feel that they can and deserve to be the best at whatever they want to be. She has a bachelor’s degree in IT/Visual Communications and master’s in Adult Education and resides in the Midwest. Rose also recently published her second children’s book, “The Flag and Me: America” and is currently working on a teen journal called “You Don’t Need Likes.” To learn more, please visit

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