Ayesha Curry’s new lifestyle magazine called “Sweet July” also includes 22 mouth-watering recipes for readers to explore. (Courtesy of Black Health Matters)

By Black Health Matters

Ayesha Curry’s life just got a little bit sweeter with the official launch of Sweet Julyher new lifestyle magazine for Black women.

Curry revealed the premiere cover to People earlier this month and dished about what readers can expect from her new release.

“I’m so nervous and excited about it,” Curry said in an interview with People. “This first issue is all about presence and gratitude, which I think is so important, not only in life, but especially right now. I just hope that people find a sense of peace from it.”

The name “Sweet July” holds a special place in the mother of three’s heart. She married her husband, the Golden State Warriors guard, Steph Curry, in July. Her children, Riley, Ryan and Canon also each share birthdays in the month.

With food being a common theme throughout the magazine, this issue, which Curry called a “mini cookbook,” features 22 mouth-watering recipes.

Other features in her quarterly publication include her “Connected” column, which features an intimate conversation with hubby, Steph. She will also debut her “Ask Mom Anything” feature that will answer questions from her daughters Riley and Ryan. “Everyone was so excited to contribute,” she said.

Curry isn’t the only Black woman trailblazer in the world of print, but she is the first woman of color to launch her own magazine since Oprah Winfrey introduced “O” in 2000 and the late B. Smith’s B. Smith Style in 1998.

“Representation matters,” Curry said. “It was so exciting to know that as my girls grow up, they can see themselves within the pages.”