Local legend and Atlanta Braves Hall of Famer, Tom Glavine, was on-site at American Legion 140 on Wednesday, April 13, 2016, in Atlanta, GA bringing Ortho's Fire Ant prevention to the community. Ortho's 2-Step Method prepares southern homeowners for seasonal Fire Ants. (Paul Abell / AP Images for Ortho)

Malik Yoba, center, standing, is one of the stars of the upcoming TV One drama ‘Bad Dad Rehab.’ (Photo by Paul Abell for TV One)

On July 3 TV One will be broadcasting a made for television movie entitled “Bad Dad Rehab.” The film follows four men on their journey to becoming more than just biological fathers to their children, but dads. Written by Keronda McKnight, a writer for shows such as “Everybody Hates Chris” and starring Robert Ri’chard and Malik Yoba the film was the Winner of the 2015 American Black Film Festival Screenplay Competition.

During a teleconference with reporters on June 24, McKnight said, “I wanted to get into the mind of somebody who’s dealing with dead beat dad issues…I didn’t want to lump everything together and just say all you guys are alike I really wanted to shed some light on it.”

McKnight approach to serious issues is humorous and dramatic. “I think Black men are beaten up enough,” said McKnight. “I didn’t want to add to that I wanted something that provided a solution…I wanted to make it light in the sense that people could take their medicine with a little bit of sugar.”

The issue of Black fatherhood is a perennial concern in the Black community and McKnight said that she dealt with the complicated issues realistically. In the movie fatherhood is not always a priority for many of the characters. ”These dudes are real…there are dudes who are just that selfish and self-centered… there’s a reason for that madness. It seems like a stereotype on the surface but this is a very real thing a lot of guys are dealing with, not stereotypical, very real.”

The women in the film often serve as scenery lack depth and complex character development. This was a conscious decision by McKnight who said, “We women we go through what we go through and deal with what we deal with and we have our stories and we have plenty of stories to tell but this was a love letter to my brothers. All of the women have strength. I wanted to salute the women but not in a pronounced way.”

“Bad Dad Rehab” was directed by Carl Seaton who said that his main goal was to remain true to the script. “My main goal was to bring a high level of authenticity, to these characters, to the story so that the audiences saw the film and it would resonate with them and they would have an instant connection. We may not all have children but we all have parents…we’re all affected one way or another based on fatherhood.”

The film was produced by Roger Bobb who many may know from his production work in multiple Tyler Perry films and movies. Bobb said that the film had an impact on many of the audiences at screenings. “People were crying, walking out because they were so emotionally moved that they couldn’t take it anymore…We knew we had something special, we can’t wait for the world to see it. It’s rare that you have a film where you just know that it’s something special and it’s socially relevant.”

Bad Dad Rehab will premiere on TV One July 3 at 7 p.m. EST.