Baltimore City Council has finally decided – not to decide yet on the $15 an hour minimum wage. The Council voted 8(yes) 6(no) to 1(abstain) to send the bill back to committee this week. Council chair Bernard C. ”Jack” Young had just started a roll call vote on the bill when the bill’s sponsor, Mary Pat Clarke (District 14), stood to request that the legislation be sent back to committee.

After the council meeting ended, Clarke explained to reporters that she had recently been contacted by the National League of the Blind and Disabled with concerns about the bill. She wanted to ensure the group had sufficient time to work through their issues with city council.

But Clarke was also under no illusions about the uncertainty surrounding the bill’s chances for passage given the current city council. “The City Council is still divided,” said Young who unsuccessfully sought a compromise of $11.50 an hour.

Clarke and City Council Labor Committee Chair, Robert Curran did not rule out waiting until the new Council session starts in December to re-introduce the legislation.