Lor Scoota Funeral

Funeral services for Baltimore local rapper Tyriece Watson, better known as “Lor Scoota”. (Courtesy Photo)

On July 1, nearly 1,000 family members, friends and other Baltimore residents, gathered at the Empowerment Temple on Primrose Avenue to mourn the untimely death of local rapper Tyriece Watson, better known as “Lor Scoota.”

There were several prominent local figures in attendance, including Baltimore City Councilman Nick Mosby (D), social activist PFK Boom, and the Rev. Jamal Bryant, who delivered the eulogy. “I am tired of folks talking about the content of his music or his background. Let’s talk about where he was going,” Mosby told WBAL-TV 11, referring to Watson as a “hood poet.”

Photos of Watson were placed throughout the lobby of the sanctuary. In addition, a lot of the youth in attendance had on Lor Scoota t-shirts and “YBS” apparel, which is the name of Watson’s team.

Bryant lauded Watson as a young Black man who was an emerging, impactful figure in his community. “But history will remember Tyriece Travon Watson in Baltimore,” Bryant said. “He died in these streets trying to make life better…”

Throughout his sermon, Bryant compared Watson to biblical figures such as Joseph and Jesus Christ and towering Black figures such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr., asserting repeatedly that “you can kill the messenger, but you can’t kill the message.”

In addition, Bryant spoke against the actions and tactics of the U.S. and local governments as he addressed a number of immense issues facing Baltimore’s Black population. “It’s rigged for us to always come up last,” he said. “They will take money away from Baltimore Public Schools, but don’t mind building new prisons for your sons and your daughters to live in.”

Immediately following the service, there was a community block party among other festivities to further celebrate the life of Watson on Pennsylvania Avenue in West Baltimore, the neighborhood where he grew up.