Five students from Reach Partnership School in East Baltimore were taken to an area hospital Oct. 22 after a school administrator allegedly sold them cookies that contained an unknown substance, said to be marijuana.

According to city police, the school police contacted them on Oct. 22 regarding multiple students coming forward and stating “they had ingested a substance the previous day.”

“One of the five students who had ingested the substance had complained of feeling ill,” Baltimore Police Department Detective Brandon Echevarria said in a statement to the AFRO. “Upon notification of the incident detectives from the Child Abuse Unit assumed the investigation. The students were transported to a local hospital as a precaution.”

A source with knowledge of the investigation who asked not to be identified said on Oct. 23 that the students initially identified the substance as marijuana. However, the source backed off that identification the following day, referring to it only as “a substance.” It is unclear if the students who ate the cookies were aware such cookies contained marijuana.

Edie House, a spokeswoman for Baltimore City Public Schools declined to comment, saying the matter remained an active investigation.”

According to Baltimore City School Police mission statement, the system seeks “all students to be educated in learning environments that are safe, drug-free and conducive to learning.”

School policy prohibits administrators to distribute or sell drugs to students. The name of the administrator has yet to be released.

Blair Adams

AFRO Staff Writer