By J. K. Schmid Special to the AFRO

A Baltimore civil rights leader and business magnate died last Thursday, October 25.

Ackneil “Neil” Muldrow, II had served in the business and larger Baltimore community in the private, public, and educational sectors.

Ackneil “Neil” M. Muldrow, II (Courtesy Photo/

President of ParkerMuldrow & Associates, LLC and CEO of Development Credit Fund, Inc., Muldrow worked as a private business consultant at the business that bore his name. Leading Development Credit, he nurtured minority businesses in Baltimore by arranging loans for establishments that did not qualify for traditional credit financing. Muldrow headed the fund for 22 years.

“We made over $39 million in loans to small businesses, some of them are still operating.” Muldrow told the Baltimore Times in a February 28, 2018. “Over that time, I was able to get involved in a lot of things in the Baltimore community. I’ve probably served on more boards than any African-American in town.”

Muldrow was also a trustee with Stevenson University.

In 1960, Muldrow and fellow students staged a sit-in protest at a Baltimore five-and-dime.

“It was more principle for me than anything else,” Muldrow told the Baltimore Business Journal in a 2003 interview. “I think after that situation, maybe three times in my life, I ate at a lunch counter at a five and dime.”

Getting access and creating access for others was a lifelong mission of Mr. Muldrow.

“Those are the kinds of things that we have to look for in life.” Muldrow said. “When you go to bed at night, before you go to sleep, you have to ask yourself: Did I help somebody today?”