By Megan Sayles,
AFRO Business Writer,

Baltimore husband and wife team Raven Paris and Anthony Parker are set to host Wealth Summit Live on July 8 at Morgan State University in the Murphy Fine Arts Center. The event will bring together students, financial experts and successful business leaders to discuss financial literacy, wealth-building and entrepreneurship. 

During the event, financial advisor Rashad Bilal and educator Troy Millings will hold a live taping of their finance podcast, “Earn Your Leisure.” He will also interview local serial entrepreneurs, Chris and Janeen Simon. 

“The most important part of this [event] is for people to come to Baltimore and build a community with the movers, the shakers, the entrepreneurs and successful business people of this area,” said Anthony Parker, real estate investor and Wealth Summit Live organizer. “When you come to this event, you will be surrounded by successful people who came to add just as much value to you as you can to them.”

Before the taping of “Earn Your Leisure,” the summit will feature a panel that will cover wealth-building basics, like credit repair, and the emerging opportunities in the cannabis industry, as recreational marijuana becomes legal in Maryland on July 1. 

Attendees can snag general admission or VIP tickets, which include access to a fireside chat with the “Earn Your Leisure” hosts and an after party. 

Paris and Parker are currently in the process of partnering with local businesses and organizations to provide 1,000 students with free tickets to the event. 

“When I was younger, I was not taught about credit, loans or any of that. I had to learn on my own through having a business,” said Paris, founder of CEO’s Evolve and Wealth Summit Live organizer. “I feel like that is something that needs to be taught early. If you don’t have certain skills, you aren’t going to know how to obtain wealth.” 

Serial Entrepreneurs Chris and Janeen Simon own and run multiple businesses, including BLK Swan, BTST Services and Beauty Spa. 

The couple decided to be a part of the “Earn Your Leisure” taping at the Wealth Summit Live because they admired the hosts’ efforts to educate aspiring entrepreneurs and everyday people on finance and business.  

“I like the fact that what they attempt to do is reduce the wealth knowledge gap. They bring in stories about other prominent people who are [running] businesses and have a dialogue with them in a way that’s relatable and digestible for people who might not understand business concepts,” said Chris Simon. “We don’t have access to that level of information all of the time.” 

During the podcast, Simon said he hopes to serve as an example of what attendees can accomplish if they pursue their aspirations. 

“I always feel that if I see somebody accomplish something, I know that I can do it too,” said Chris Simon. “If we can serve as a testament to other people and share our story—the highs, lows, pretty and the ugly— I think that will help provide motivation to people and also balance out the expectation of what running a business looks like.” 

Megan Sayles is a Report for America Corps member. 

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