A Baltimore man who has been convicted in the murder of his brother after setting him up for a robbery was sentenced to life plus 30 years in prison this week, said prosecutors.

Brandon Wilder, 29, was found guilty in July of fatally shooting his half-brother Ramon Wilder in May 2014. During his trial, it was said that Brandon Wilder was “less successful” than Roman in the drug selling business and Ramon often took women away from Brandon.

Brandon Wilder, 29, was given life plus 30 years for killing his half-brother Ramon. (Baltimore Police Department)

Brandon Wilder, 29, was given life plus 30 years for killing his half-brother Ramon. (Baltimore Police Department)

Brandon Wilder got his then girlfriend, Labria Paige, to lure Ramon Wilder to the 3400 block of Wilkens Ave in Southwest Baltimore, with the lie that she was leaving Brandon for him. When Ramon Wilder arrived, Brandon Wilder shot him several times with a revolver, police said.

Ramon was left in a parking lot to die while Brandon and others unloaded items from Ramon’s vehicle which was then dumped at a hotel near BWI Airport, said police.

Ramon Wilder’s death was part of a series of crimes police linked to Brandon Wilder and his friends. Three days before Ramon’s killing, police said, Brandon held up and carjacked an Oxycontin dealer at a shopping center, and two weeks later, he deliberately ran over a man in the Lakeland neighborhood.

Three other people were convicted of participating in the murder; two agreed to testify for commuted sentences. Wilder’s defense questioned their stories saying that details changed often and they were trying to “receive favorable sentences.”

Theodore Grice, 37, was sentenced to 25 years for his role in Ramon’s death. Grice was acquitted of participating in the murder, but convicted him of conspiracy and carjacking. Assistant State’s Attorney Sharon Ruth Holback stated in court that Grice had a “$1,000-a-day drug habit and a long criminal history.”

“He has time and time associated himself with criminal activity-and here we are,” said Holback.

Grice had checked the group into a hotel and gave them all fake ID’s.

“I don’t know if I was a coward, or afraid to say no. I couldn’t say, “I’m not going to help you,” Grice said.

According to his lawyer, Grice was stabbed 24 times in jail waiting for trial; an attack he says was set up by Brandon Wilder to keep Grice from testifying.

Labria Paige, Brandon’s then-girlfriend, pleaded guilty to felony murder and received a 20-year sentence in exchange for her testimony.

Brauna Diggs, pleaded guilty in the robbery, receiving two years in exchange for her testimony.

Diggs was given a lesser sentence because she did not participate in planning the murder but was merely with Grice at the time of the shooting.

“This insensible and vicious murder emphasizes the lack of moral ethics killers have when it comes to the value of human life,” State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby said in a statement. “Anyone who can kill their brother in such a calculated and callous manner deserves to spend their life behind bars.”