Mayor-Elect Brandon Scott will be sworn into office on Dec. 8.(Courtesy of Facebook)

By Jessica Dortch
AFRO News Editor

In a statement released on Dec. 3, Mayor-Elect Brandon Scott notified the public of his possible exposure to COVID-19 over the weekend. 

Since becoming aware of the risk of contracting the virus, the mayor-elect has followed CDC guidelines to avoid the public by self-quarantining. According to the statement, he tested negative twice since the weekend and on three separate occasions prior to. 

The mayor-elect released a video on social media thanking his supporters and peers for the well wishes and assuring everyone that he is in both good health and spirits. 

“I am doing fine. at home following the advice of public health professionals. Feeling great,” Mayor-elect Scott explained before saying that he aims to “lead by example” in following the self-quarantine regulations.