By Catherine Pugh,
Special to the AFRO

Baltimore Playwright and journalist Ursula Battle is bringing her production “Serenity House: From Addiction to Deliverance,”  back to the stage. 

The play has ingratiated audiences from Baltimore to Virginia over the past years, becoming a must see for anyone suffering from addiction, going through recovery or supporting a family member or friend battling addiction.

“This production is the impetus for my new breakout novel of the same name,” said Battle.

“Serenity House,” forces those watching to examine current and past behaviors that kept them or their loved ones from recovery and moving forward with life in a more productive way.

The play will run on May 20 at 3pm at the Randallstown Community Center, and  on June 3 at Sollers Point Multi-Purpose Center in Dundalk at 3p.m.   

The play is directed by Baltimore County Health Officer Dr. Gregory William Branch. 

“My interest in medicine dates back to childhood having watched a former neighbor struggle with addiction and ultimately succumb to an overdose,”said Branch.

According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics drug overdose deaths are up 30 percent year-over-year.  The cost of drug addiction and substance abuse in the United States is $600 billion dollars annually.

This play is an in-depth look at addiction, portrayed by actors such as Randy “Fruity” Roberts, of The Choir Boyz. 

The play centers around the journey of six people who enter a recovery program started by a church. With song, dance and storytelling, this production takes a heart-wrenching, yet heartwarming look at the devastating impact that addiction has on society, particularly on families that in some cases, have been battling the cycle of addiction over multiple generations, says Battle.

Tickets are available now at $20 each. For more information or to purchase a ticket call 443-531-5839 or visit

Coming up next, the Afro-American will talk in depth with the playwright and journalist Ursula V. Battle about her journey and her upcoming book.