BALTIMORE (AP) — A man was killed in a shooting that appeared to stem from an argument between employees at a Baltimore public works building Thursday, and the shooter is still on the loose, authorities said.

Police officers were called to a Department of Public Works facility Thursday morning and found a 34-year-old employee who had been shot several times in a locker room area, spokesman T. J. Smith said at a news conference. The man was taken to Shock Trauma, where he was pronounced dead.

Smith said an argument might have occurred before the shooting, but he did not release any details about the suspected shooter. Investigators have good leads and expect to identify the person soon, he said.

“They were at work making a living and somehow or another the bad guy decided to end this dispute with a gun,” Smith said. “So whether it was a personal or a professional argument, we have to answer those questions and get to the bottom of that. What made this bad guy bring the gun to work? Why did he have it at work and why did he choose to use it today?”

Public Works Director Raymond Chow said at the news conference that he was not aware of any previous issues at the building and was surprised by the news.

“I know it’s going to be a big blow to our department as a whole,” he said.

About 100 employees report to the field depot that houses maintenance crews working on water and sewer mains, and their equipment. People must have key cards to access to the building, he said.