While progress has been made on slot parlors in other Maryland jurisdictions, Baltimore City is at a standstill. Baltimore City Entertainment Group (BCEG) appealed to the state board of contractors after their bid was denied by the Lottery Commission in December, and no proposals are currently being accepted.

“We intend to issue a request for proposals (RFP) but we’re still determining when to issue it,” said Don Fry, chairman of the lottery’s location commission. “Right now we’re waiting to see the outcome . As the appeal process moves forward we’ll see the appropriate time to rebid.”

Fry said “there were a number of reasons” why BCEG was denied their bid to construct a 4,750-machine slot parlor; they failed to turn in an amended proposal and additional fees.

“The commission felt it was in the best interest of the state to reject the proposal and rebid the project,” he said.

BCEG member Michael Cryor has since stepped down from the bid and member LaRian Finney did not want to issue a comment.

A 1,500-slot facility is currently under construction in Cecil County and is scheduled for completion in October, and an 800-machine facility being built in Worcester County is also expected to open this fall.

Anne Arundel County is petitioning to get zoning approval for its 4,750-machine gambling center, which voters will decide on in November. And Allegany County is working on legislation to build their facility in a more attractive location for its potential purchasers.

Fry said the Office of the Attorney General has not set a date for the BCEG hearing.