A middle school science teacher at Harlem Park Elementary/Middle School in northwest Baltimore was fired after a video depicting her using racial slurs at students went viral.

The unnamed teacher is shown yelling “Get out of my class” as she shoves a Black student out of the classroom. When she returns she then asks who else needs to leave, and when greeted by of a chorus of “Me” she says, “You’re getting zeroes for doing nothing.”


The video, which was taken by one of the students on a cell phone, then shows her saying to her entire classroom that if they do not get an education “You are punk ass ni_ _ ers who’s going to get shot.”

Following receiving information about the incident, the school district issued the following statement

“Yesterday a middle school science teacher at Harlem Park Elementary/Middle School engaged in verbally abusive behavior and made racially charged comments directed at students. The teacher involved in the incident is no longer employed by City Schools.

“At Baltimore City Public Schools, we are committed to creating positive and equitable learning environments in school communities where all members are welcome, supported, and valued. No form of discriminatory behavior of any kind is or will be tolerated.”

Harlem Park Elementary/Middle School could not be reached for comment.