Hello Baltimore Votes!

On July 8, Governor Hogan declared that all voters need to request a mail-in ballot if they plan to vote by mail in the upcoming election. This is a big departure from the Primary Election, when all active voters were automatically mailed a ballot.

You can beat the rush by requesting your mail-in ballot now. It takes five minutes! (We timed it.)

Don’t have a state issued ID? Use this form and submit it by mail or email.
¿Hablas español? Use the Spanish language form.

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • If you request a mail-in ballot, you must use it. You will be given a provisional ballot if you change your mind and vote in person.
  • Request a ballot early. Local Boards of Elections have already said that they are worried about being able to process ballot requests submitted close to the election. Get ahead of the game and get your request in early.
  • Ask for a paper ballot. Ballots that have been printed at home will need to be copied by hand, which slows down how long it takes to count votes. Opt for mail delivery unless you plan on using assistive technology to mark your internet delivery ballot.

Once you’re MAIL-IN READY, let the world know!

Download and share the following images on all of your social media platforms.

Tag @Baltimore_Votes and tell us why you’re choosing to vote by mail. And then tag 3 friends who might need a gentle reminder to vote.

In the news:

  • State Board of Elections needs additional $20 million to execute Hogan’s plan for the election. (Baltimore Sun)
  • Common Cause MD Executive Director Joanne Antoine was on The Kojo Nnamdi Show yesterday to speak about the potential problems that Hogan’s plan will lead to. (WAMU)
  • 1,200 health care workers join Maryland PIRG in calling for Hogan to reassess his plan for the General Election. (Maryland PIRG)

We are 98 days out from the General Election.

There are still a lot of unknowns, but Baltimore Votes is here for you every step of the way. We are working on new resources and webinars right now. If you have a particular question or suggestion, let us know! Email tasmin@baltimorevotes.org.