Tycheika Hartwill

A Baltimore woman was sentenced recently to 30 years in prison for her involvement in the gang rape of a 17-year-old at a Halloween party in 2013.

The Baltimore City’s State’s Attorney’s Office announced Jan. 13 that Tycheika Hartwill was found guilty of first-degree sex offense and offacilitating three additional first-degree rapes.

According to a press release issued by the prosecutors’ office and cited by WBFF-TV, Baltimore’s Fox affiliate, Hartwill hosted the Halloween party at the address on the1500 block of East Cold Spring Lane where the incident occurred and gave the rape victim multiple shots of alcohol.

The victim became heavily intoxicated and fell asleep on a couch in Hartwill’s basement. The victim woke up naked and restrained on Hartwill’s bed, where an unknown man sexually assaulted her, according to the release. The victim vomited on the bed, which angered Hartwill and prompted her to call on four more men to participate in the assault.

Prosecutors said the victim’s testimony was a key factor in gaining a conviction in the case, according to the release.

“The general perception is that rape is committed by men and not women,” said Assistant State’s Attorney Robert Perkins, who is assigned to the Special Victims Unit, according to WBFF-TV.  “But, in this case, the jury was able to look past that perception, and see the despicable acts for what they were.”

The victim – who survived – is currently enrolled in at a local university. She returned to Baltimore to testify against Hartwill and co-defendants Artez Watson and Bernard Bell. Watson has pleaded guilty to first-degree rape, and Bell acted as a cooperating witness for the state.

It is not yet clear if the other three men have been brought to justice.


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