Baltimore continues to lose its heroes as another member of the Goon Squad, Dr. Homer Favor, former director of urban studies at Morgan State University, died June 8.

He began his career at Morgan in 1956 and was instrumental in the development of the Center for Urban Affairs in 1963 which planted the seed for expansion of graduate studies and new programs.

Dr. Favor had a particular interest in and zeal for urban areas and he brought that to Baltimore and fought for its development.

When asked about the condition of the city, in 1978 when Baltimore was designated an All American City, Dr. Favor, not one to mince words, told the AFRO of his concern that “We’ll get engaged in a lot of Fancy-Dan testing and a number of other things which would suggest that students have arrived at a level of accomplishment when they really haven’t.”

His concern was that the designation would lead some to be unduly contented when so much remained to be accomplished. In addition to his concern for education he listed the lack of access to employment and adequate housing.

One of his most recent appearances was on a panel, Feb. 22, at the University of Baltimore, detailing the passion and power of the storied Goon Squad, a collective of Baltimore professionals, many of them clergy, who planted their feet solidly in the center of the civil rights struggle and would not be moved.

“There was never a meeting called – never a reading of minutes – no bylaws – it was understood that once you were on the Goon Squad you were always a Goon Squad member – your chair would be there,” Favor said at the discussion that was moderated by Morgan professor Raymond A. Winbush.

The “Squad” roll includes the late Sam Daniels, Reverends Marion Bascom, Harold Dobson, Vernon Dobson, Wendell Phillips, Frank Williams. It also included Professor Augustus “Gus” Adair, Judge Joseph C. Howard, Rep. Parren Mitchell and Madeline Murphy. Still in the fight are attorney Lalit Gadhia and Professor O. Patrick Scott.

Funeral Arrangements for Dr. Homer Favor:


Dr. Homer Favor’s life will be honored on Thursday, Jun. 20. at Union Baptist Church, 1219 Druid Hill Ave.

A family viewing will take place at 9 a.m., followed by a funeral service at 10 a.m.

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