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Lenora Barbour

Born and raised in Baltimore City, Lenora Barbour began her creative enterprise following a traumatic event.

After she learned her mother would have to undergo major surgery followed by long-term therapy, Barbour decided it was time for a change. She founded Lenora Nails after spending years in a boring 9-to-5 job.

Barbour saw there was no nail polish line being created in Baltimore and knew that this was one way she could exercise her creative muscles.

“I always liked nail polish,” said Barbour in an interview with the AFRO. “I always polished my nails.”

Lenora Nails boasts quirky names like “Sweet Peaches” and “Maryland Collection.” Her mother came up with “Sweet Peaches” since she has a peach tree in her yard. The “Maryland Collection” consists of three colors that all reference her home state: “Inner Harbor Nights,” “Purple Pride” and “Ocean City.”

The most important part of Barbour’s nail line is its advertised non-toxic and healthy qualities. Lenora Nail Colors are “5-free,” which means they are free of five dangerous toxins like formaldehyde that have been found in other nail polish brands, according to the website. The vegan products are also animal cruelty-free.

The collection is already sold in several locations in Maryland, as well as online.

Barbour is currently completing a program at Maryland Beauty Academy to become a certified nail technician. Once certified Barbour wants to give pampering treatments to senior citizens with chronic conditions and those who aren’t able to beautify themselves.

“When I was in nail tech school we had a lot of elderly clients, so I really connected with them,” said Barbour, adding that she already offers those services to her mother. “I do my mom’s nails since she’s almost 70.”

For more information on Lenora Nail Colors, visit: www.lenoranailcolors.com.