The children of Israel must have been stunned.  They had heard about Moses’ run-in with the burning bush in the desert and they witnessed the multiple plagues God used to humble the great Pharaoh. What God was asking them to do now, to assume the wealth of their captors, just as they were packing their bags to leave Egypt, must have perplexed them even more.

Wealth, properly defined, is having access to or control of more resources than needed to meet one’s basic needs. Centuries had separated the children of Israel from the blessings of Abraham so wealth and prosperity had become foreign to them. However, God was about to “flip the script.”

Before departing Egypt, God in His wisdom, instructed the children of Israel to meet with the Egyptians and require of them all their gold and silver.  Without delay, the bible says that the Jews found favor among the Egyptians and that Israel left Egypt with all the Egyptian wealth. Thus, we see illustrated one of the most powerful principles of wealth creation – the principle of wealth transfer.


Author Robert L. Wallace

This principle highlights the fact that God, in due season, will transfer the wealth of the ungodly into the capable hands of the godly. Once received from God, the wealth is not only to be used to make one’s life more productive but it is to be used to strengthen and expand God’s Kingdom.

What Determines the Rate of Wealth Transfer into Our Lives?

In my workshop, “Creating Wealth: From the Inside Out,” I outline the four major factors I have observed which dramatically impact the rate at which God transfers wealth into the lives of His people:

What is your motivation for desiring wealth?

Our motivation for desiring wealth will dictate the quantity and “velocity” of wealth God injects into our lives.  As a young man growing up in the housing projects of Baltimore, I was obsessed with building wealth. I resented the fact that my wealthy classmates at Poly, University of Pennsylvania, and Dartmouth College, lived much better than we did. I lusted after what they had.  My motivation for wealth was spiritually flawed and was taking me down a dangerous, dark and uncertain path.

How large is your “spiritual capacity” to receive wealth?

The greater your capacity to receive, the greater your wealth potential.  God’s primary objective is not to make us rich.  His primary objective is save us.

Intentionality and Commitment To The Kingdom.

God wants to know that He can trust you to use your wealth to build His Kingdom and not squander it on frivolous pursuits.


Your Position And Role In Building His Kingdom.

The role you play in the Kingdom agenda will determine the amount and “velocity” of wealth transfer you experience.

Like a good banker, God has done His due diligence on each of us and knows our current capacity to receive.  But be encouraged. If we stay focused and remain teachable, like the children of Israel, God will blow our minds with his eternal and infinite, wealth transferring ability.

This article was adapted from Robert L. Wallace’s latest book, “The Ssese Principles: Guidelines For Creating Wealth Through Faith.”  Wallace is the current president and CEO of BITHGROUP Technologies ( and founder of BITHENERGY (

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