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J.L. King, the New York Times best-selling author.

(Updated 5/14/2016) J.L. King, the New York Times best-selling author of the book “On the Down Low,” has relaunched his own publishing company focused on aspiring Black writers.

J.L. King Publishing, based in New York City and Atlanta, relaunched on April 27 to provide Black writers with the chance to create and release a book in as little as six months.

“I have published 17 books since my first hit ‘On the Down Low,’ appeared on Oprah four times, produced an award-winning, number one watched documentary ‘The DL Exposed’ on BET, appeared in various publications such as Time magazine, and I still live off of royalties from a book published 12 years ago,” King told the AFRO. “When it comes to credentials and experience as a book publisher, no one can go toe to toe.”

The company offers publishing packages that include manuscript development for clients who have not written before or would like a ghost writer, book cover and author promotion once the manuscript is finished and approved, book printing, and marketing and branding, which focuses on the development of the author and the book.

“I find that with aspiring writers, the most difficult things they face is understanding the business of publishing,” King said. “It is very difficult to get a book deal, let alone create a best-seller, so I wanted to cultivate a platform to assist with all client needs.”

After the halt of King’s first book publishing company in 2013, the acclaimed author was very selective as to who he chose to work with. However, he said he noticed a deficit in the Black publishing community and, fueled by persistent phone calls from aspiring writers, King has reopened his doors.

“I want to work with serious writers,” he said. “I want to see everyone succeed and I want all aspiring authors to know how to budget! Creating a worthy novel or book takes a lot of time, patience and revenue, and I want to help clients learn to understand to start saving money.”

To celebrate the relaunch of J.L Publishing, King is offering up to 20 percent off of all publishing packages, if future clients send an email with the word “PROMO” to

“My goal is to establish myself as the only premiere African American publisher that motivates their peers and to establish an institute for young writers age 10 to 18 that molds them into respectable fine authors,” King said.

J.L. King will host a writer’s workshop with Pelagie Entertainment on June 11 from 4 to 5 p.m. at 363 Main St, Hiram, GA.

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