Black Entertainment Television (BET) is airing a new campaign ad in the Cleveland, Ohio and Seattle, Wash. areas that seems geared toward dissuading Black voters from supporting President Obama.

Stark in its black-and-white simplicity, the ad offers a starker message: “How can I vote for someone who doesn’t respect me?”

The video’s main characters—two young Blacks, a man and woman—decry President Obama’s record on Black issues.

“What has he done as president?” asks the female member of the pair.

“Cut aid to Black colleges,” says the male. “Cut aid to Black businesses.”

“And his support of gay marriage is a slap in the face to people of faith,” the pair say.

The advertising spot was paid for by Pivot Point, a new PAC launched earlier this year out of the Washington state area. While the political action committee has raised less than $15,000 in donations, it’s been able to run its ad in two markets because of BET’s low rates, founder Dave Shemwell told

On its website, the PAC endorses Republican challenger Mitt Romney for president, saying the optimism and promise that was generated during Obama’s 2008 campaign “have eroded and laid bare the harsh reality of politics as usual.”

“Under President Obama’s policies, America’s once powerful economy has been cowered with uncertainty, shackled by over-regulation, and bullied by an expansive federal bureaucracy,” Pivot Point opined. “Under President Obama’s stewardship, we’ve seen an explosion of government spending and the imposition of yearly trillion-dollar budget deficits. Under President Obama’s leadership, America is weaker and more vulnerable than ever before.”

The group also criticized the president for failing to bring about the national unity that seemed an inherent promise of his 2008 “hope and change” campaign.

“Rather than justify our optimism that his presidency would finally build bridges of cooperation and usher in a new era of unity and common purpose; he has exploited our differences and shattered the optimistic hope of unity America felt in 2008,” the website read.

Romney, a former Massachusetts governor and businessman, is the best candidate to put the nation back on track, the group concluded. The PAC focused on Ohio because of its key role in deciding elections, Shewell told

“America is headed in the wrong direction. Though sincere in his goals and earnest in his convictions, President Obama has been unable to solve our Nation’s problems,” the website read. “President Obama is not evil, just incompetent.”