Does being beautiful mean being a size 0, 2, 4 or 6? Many people think not.

Unnatural ideas of beauty bombard little girls and teens, sometimes leaving them with feelings of inferiority if they are not über-thin.

However, today’s pop culture has slowly begun to embrace “curvier” women with notable Hollywood darlings like “America’s Next Top Model” alum Tocarra Jones, award-winning singer Jill Scott and hip hop queen and Covergirl model Queen Latifah flaunting their full figures. More frequently, mainstream media is utilizing women like these popular starlets to empower, encourage and stimulate debate on healthy self-esteem and body image.

Springfield, Va., author and creative director LaVonda Howard has penned a four-part fiction chick-lit series where the stars are full-figured women. “Who’s says skinner girls have more fun?” Howard commented during a recent radio interview.  Howard, who has been happily married for the past 15 years, was motivated to pen D-Cup Divas after watching the press coverage for the Lee Daniels film Precious, staring comedienne Mo’ Nique and newcomer Gabourey Sidibe. 

“Even during the Emmy coverage I heard comments about Sidibe’s size…when all the comments should have focused on how talented this young girl from Harlem is,” Howard said. “It made me start thinking…does a women’s size overpower her talent in the eyes of mainstream? It shouldn’t but I clearly saw that at times the size of the Harlem star was mentioned before her rapid rise to stardom.” 

Each book in the series deals with real life issues like money, friendships, relationships, sex, infidelity, career and family.
Book 1: Chandra McMillian
The series begins with a modern day doing-it-for-herself Chandra McMillian. Chandra is a curvy sistah who flaunts her coke bottle shape and has it all together. The practicing psychiatrist has the car, home, friends, business and bank account, but still doesn’t have a man. When this self-proclaimed “total package” is pressured into participating in a speed dating event, she wasn’t expecting to meet anyone who measured up to her high standards ? but she met Dr. Allen James. Not all relationships are perfect, but when the right man comes along, can “Miss Independent” Chandra McMillan surrender to love or will her ego leave her as a party of one?
Book 2: Rossalyn McMillian
Rossalyn is Chandra’s younger sister, a size 18 and recent Howard University graduate preparing to enter the world of fashion.
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