Nationwide ( — Ali Steele, singer / songwriter business owner of EthnicByAli and 1/3 of Issa Vibe Adventures was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. He was subject to bullying for the color of his skin at a very young age. This caused him to write. He became a songwriter at the fairly young age of 14. At that age, he knew he had a gift. He eventually produced a published record.

While still working on music in his spare time, he also yearned for more. He grew up in an adverse environment where self-love and pride were not taught. He wasn’t exposed to nature and never missed it.


As he got older, he became exposed to different artists and public figures such as Erykah Badu and Dr. Llaila Afrika that showed himself love and acceptance. He became engulfed in learning African roots, traditions as well as strong pride for the color of his skin. This newfound love of himself motivated him to start a business called Ethnic by Ali. He chose that title as a celebration of ethnicity and Ali is his middle name. He also felt as if the name, Ali, means a lot to his family and is a shared middle name amongst some of the males in the family. It means the highest one.

As Ali continued to morph into a man, he started yearning to learn more about nature and wanted to challenge himself while getting in shape. He went on his first hike in 2015 and at that moment, he was hooked. He fell in love with nature. So much so that he wrote a song about it very dear to his heart. The song is titled “No Care”. It can be found on iTunes, YouTube, etc.

His favorite excerpt of the song is:

No care
for life of a black man
King, born in this world,
denied his crown &
Brainwashed, stripped of culture, poisoned
Disconnected from the earth
Bring it back, we gotta get back to the earth
We the people learn to live from the earth
It’s our duty to nourish the earth
Restore balance, let them stop killing the earth

Encouraging others to reconnect



Special to the AFRO