Chicago, IL ( — Chicago-native Lisa R. Jenkins recently released Broken Pieces Made Whole – Making a New Life After Escaping the Old One(s), her fourth book and accompanying personal manual. Through her pen and voice, Jenkins strives to be a resource to those who have been silenced by fear. She has discovered the importance of living a fulfilling and purposeful life through self-publishing four books to date including How to Get the F#@% Out (Under the pseudonym Skylar James), A Mother’s Love Through A Broken Heart, and an eBook, How to Identify Four Common Generational Curses.

Broken Pieces Made Whole is a detailed account of how she lived through and overcame a dysfunctional relationship with her mother, an abusive relationship with her daughter’s father, and Endometriosis that tried to destroy her life and career. The personal manual was created to help readers gain practical knowledge and experience in various areas surrounding self-reflection, domestic violence, generational curses, toxic relationships, self-care, and much more.

Lisa R. Jenkins Jenkins is a self-published author, CEO of KRA Communications.

Jenkins assumes that through its design her readers will become educated by becoming actively involved in the learning and growth process and by experiencing firsthand concepts and techniques. Much of the material included consists of things readers can think about, experiment with, and practice on their own. She also encourages everyone to modify the exercises so that they will become meaningful on a personal level. There is also an accountability pledge at the back of each manual that can be personalized and removed as a motivational keepsake.

When asked why she chose Broken Pieces Made Whole to connect her past traumas, author and CEO Lisa R. Jenkins said, “Through my healing, I have turned those experiences into a drive to help others harness their own power through my books, advocacy, workshops, and interviews. I am currently in grad school to become a mental health counselor so that I can tie all of my experiences and testimonials together to help change the world one person at a time.”

When it comes to its daily operations, she knows that maintaining a solid reputation is imperative for its success. “What sets KRA Communications apart from similar businesses in the communications industry is the personal attention given to each client. Whether it is a cleaning service or haircare line in need of a social media campaign, or coaching others on how to become self-published authors, we strive to create new ways to service or educate our clients,” Jenkins added.

Broken Pieces Made Whole, the book and personal manual, are both available on Amazon. To stay up to date with her mission-based activities or to learn more about KRA Communications and its services, please connect with Jenkins on her Facebook and Instagram pages @kracomm and @kracommunications1, or through her website at

About Lisa R. Jenkins
Jenkins is a self-published author, CEO of KRA Communications, and is currently a graduate student pursuing a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Chicago State University, a Professional Studies Certificate in Public Relations in the Digital World from Loyola University at Chicago, and Substitute Teaching and Paraprofessional Licenses from the City of Chicago.


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