Nationwide ( — SumWholeSum Media, a new Black streaming media service has been a 20-year vision of former Seattle Underground Hip Hop (Down Since Day One) artist Michael Antonio Brown. In 1999, he produced a Public Access Hip Hop show called “Check 1-2” after Seattle put a culture lockdown on the music in the 1990s. The experience opened Michael Antonio’s eyes to the influence media created by and on the black community. This birthed the vision of creating a service that opens more doors of opportunities and acts as an example of economic co-operation in the Black communities.

“Hollywood has its place in our culture, but it has not always done good by black folks in terms of our image, workplace treatment, and opportunities,” says Michael Antonio. “Its time for collaboration among our community artists and not competition for token crumbs, we will make our own pies…and the world can even enjoy a slice.”

SumWholeSum Media aims to fill a void in Black/African media production. “There are some great streaming black channels currently, however they do little to support the earlier stages of film, music, and media production.” The library of films available to these channels are still productions from mass media and fall short of feeding the diverse tastes of Africa’s children. By creating an artist-friendly platform both those who love the culture and those who create it can come together

SumWholeSum Media’s platform is a collaboration with which uses the same backbone as Netflix and Amazon Prime. This allows viewers to view and listen to the highest quality downloads and streams through ads or ad-free subscriptions on any streaming device. Roku, SmartTV, and video games to name a few. Advanced features like on-screen live shopping, local business relevant ad service, AI video suggestion, and more will cater to the Black community’s love of technology.

To ensure SumWholeSum Media reaches one of its main goals of being the largest black streaming service in the world, a net revenue share of 90% will be paid to content from streams, downloads, subscriptions, and ad-income. Smart Contracts by Sanjh will streamline the payment and licensing of media artists and content creators. The belief is that this service will have a dramatic impact on the underserved black communities through the boost in pay and contribution. The types of media being accepted are films, music, music videos, series, documentaries, animation, Do it Yourself, and some live events.

To fund this project, Indiegogo sister company GoFundMe was chosen as the crowdfunding service. SumWholeSum Media plans to sell pre-subscriptions at extreme discounts based on the length with lifetime and free service available. SumWholeSum Media has a limit of nearly 1 million discounted subscriptions or close to 16% of its target total viewers. The minimum goal is $40,500.and it’s enough for three months, however, the total value of all available presubs comes to $7.1 million dollars. The first round of funding will be used to acquire the initial library of black content from distributors and submissions. Funding starts as low as $2 for a trial month and up to $300 for a lifetime ad-free membership and other perks.

CEO and Visionaire Michael Antonio resides in the East Valley of Phoenix with his wife Amber and children. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington. Former Hip Hop musician, Television Producer, videographer, online marketer, and former business consultant for Google Adwords, GoDaddy, and Amazon Hub Locker.

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