Aisha Butler is never far from the camera she needs. Some of her best work.

By Rev. Dorothy S. Boulware
AFRO Managing Editor

Like every other entrepreneur who’s endured the pandemic, Aisha Butler has had to regroup and redefine her method; but she says it’s the smiles she sees through the lens that keep her going with this art that first caught her eye about 15 years ago.

The Baltimore-based creative specializes in portrait and product photography primarily but she’s willing to venture out wherever she’s needed. Even around the world to make a picture happen.

Aisha Butler is never far from the camera she needs. Some of her best work.

“I’ve been as far as Paris and Cancun,” Butler says. “I’m open to whatever opportunities come my way.”

And she continues to adapt to the imposed changes, so she can continue to grow her business.

Aisha Butler is never far from the camera she needs. Some of her best work.

“We were closed in the beginning. Client bookings had temporarily slowed down. And then, after reopening, we had to quarantine a couple of times because of the possibility of exposure,” Butler said. 

Her main source of inspiration is her grand baby, but she’s also lifted by family, looking at past photos or while watching a movie or television show. Or sometimes merely by conversation.

Aisha Butler is never far from the camera she needs. Some of her best work.

When asked about her favorite photographer, besides her husband of 13 years, she mentioned Glenford Nunez, who was first based in Baltimore. “I watched him get started and now he just soars in photography.”

With adjustments needed to continue safely, Butler also soars while strictly enforcing consistent hand washing and social distancing. “I’m usually working alone, but sometimes, I have an additional photographer and a makeup artist; and we have to be careful.”

But slowing down never means stopping. She’s organizing better, a piece she said was needed, and outsourcing her work to editors who use high end editing programs. 

“We are also working on getting new laptops that will help us do more of that work ourselves,” said Butler, adding, “We’ve also moved into a larger studio.”

“We bought our son and his wife a photo shoot for their third wedding anniversary.  Aisha was amazing to work with….so warm and friendly and very accommodating,” Penny Gibson said. “She was just as excited as I was to be doing this for my son and daughter-in-law. They both said that was the best photo shoot they’ve ever had! And the photos were absolutely beautiful!”

As Butler said, her best marketing tool is “word of mouth” advertising, and there’s no end to the custom nature of her photo shoots.

“Aisha Butler and her photography gifts create a studio experience of peace and transformation. Her gentle spirit is one of love, care and passion,” words of another very satisfied customer, Teresha Sutton, who says Butler clicks until she knows her clients are comfortable in the body that God gave them.”

Wow. And there’s an added bonus. Sutton says Butler and her photographer husband flow so well together. “I try to schedule a photo shoot with Aisha at least once a year.”

High praise indeed from some of Butler’s best marketers.

“A photo shoot can vary from client to client. Some may only include me, my camera, my client and a good time,” Butler said. 

Sounds like there’s always an abundance of the latter.

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