Last week I went to Howard University’s homecoming, and like Deon ColeChance the Rapper and Malia Obama at the 2012 inauguration, I was reminded that once you see he bands stomping, the music playing and the quad popping, you know that nobtody throws a party like an HBCU.

In between panels on the future of HBCUs and the Golden Era: ’80s and ’90s party (flannel and throwback jerseys in full effect), I noticed something in the various Instagram and Facebook posts from friends at Morehouse and Spelman colleges, not to mention Texas Southern University and Morgan State, last weekend. These crowds are getting bigger. New dorms are being thrown up. And you meet more and more transfer students.

HBCUs across the country are experiencing record-breaking incoming classes and transfer numbers. The question is, why did his happen, and how can we keep the party going?  More….