SonVision Entertainment recently announced the launch of a new radio station, “KLSL LIQUID SOUL-Seattle, Tacoma and the World.” The Seattle-based Internet radio station plans to provide its listeners across the nation with unique music and entertainment programming.

“We’re very proud to launch the new KLSL LIQUID SOUL-Seattle, Tacoma and the World,” Rick Tillman, founder and CEO said in a press release. “Seattle and other cities around the world in the music scene haven’t had a broadcast stage like this before. The New KLSL LIQUID SOUL-Seattle, Tacoma and the World will make radio uniquely enjoyable, entertaining and inspiring to listeners on local, national and global levels.”

KLSL’s launch arrives at a time when traditional Black radio is struggling to survive, and losing unique local stations and programming to national syndication.

In a recent interview with the AFRO, Tillman emphasized the importance of Black-owned radio in preserving African-American culture.

“We’re losing our culture and if we keep letting things happen to us, we won’t have a culture and we need radio as a voice to do that,” Tillman said.

The station, available online as streaming audio at, will target a demographic of 34 to 54-year-olds with a mix of R&B, neo-soul, gospel and old school music, while also providing information that reflects African-American contemporary society.

The station also plans to serve as a platform for independent artists to gain exposure, something that is very difficult to achieve through traditional AM and FM stations.

“It takes a talented staff to create a new station and we’re very proud of the people who will bring the new KLSL LIQUID Soul-Seattle, Tacoma and The World to our listeners,” Tillman said in the release. “We’ve gathered people with bright new voices in the community to create a unique format and a unique sound.”


Gregory Dale

AFRO News Editor