ACE MAGAZINE, the Black student publication at George Washington University, has received a $1,000 grant from Campus Progress, a nonprofit youth outreach arm of the Center for American Progress.

According to a release announcing the grant, the entirely student- produced magazine, which is in its third year of operation, was founded as part of the GWU Black Student Union.

Co-editor Sam Collins said the magazine aims to be a conduit between the Black and multicultural communities and the university at large. “The magazine continues to be driving force of discussion and a tool for forging relationships between different groups,” Collins said, adding that both student and faculty members from inside and outside GWU’s multicultural bubble have contributed to ACE.

He said the grant, which will be used to cover printing costs and purchase photography equipment, will help improve the magazine’s quality. “Doing so, means a great deal for collegiate journalism and the future of racial and political relations at ,”Collins said.

More information about ACE Magazine can be obtained at