Emory Pruitt, 15-years-old, is the youngest student to be enrolled at Clark Atlanta University. (Courtesy of Blacknews.com)

By Black News

Emory Pruitt was just 15-years-old when she started classes at Clark Atlanta University. Born and raised in Tennessee, she is considered one of the youngest students to ever attend the HBCU.

Pruitt graduated high school with an outstanding 3.7 GPA and subsequently entered college this fall, making her the youngest student in recent memory, according to CAU officials. Still, her journey to college was not without challenges.

“At her hometown high school, she was mocked for being a young Black woman who dared to dream big,” a CAU spokesperson wrote. “But the racism and adversity, along with strong family support, only strengthened Pruitt’s resolve.”

Meanwhile, Pruitt’s brother, Elijah Pruitt, was also accepted to CAU this year. Their mother, Karen Pruitt, who raised them alone, said Pruitt was excited to be in CAU.

“Words would not be able to describe how thrilled and excited she was to have come across a dream come true,” Karen Pruitt said.


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