When the tax man cometh, Black dollars “goeth.” Where will they goeth? Down a myriad of paths in pursuit of new items such as furniture, cars, clothing, and other niceties. But first, unless you do your own tax return or get it done for free by someone, Black dollars goeth to tax preparation firms, the vast majority of which are not owned by Black people. I can hear the two excuses right now: “I don’t know where to find a Black tax firm;” and “I don’t want ‘them’ to know my business.” The first one I can deal with, but the second excuse just blows my mind.

Nonetheless, let’s see if we can get the conscious ones out there to give a Black-owned company some business. There are many independent Black-owned and operated tax preparation firms, but there is one I have written about for years now that I strongly encourage you to support. With more than 200 offices in various cities, Compro Tax is the oldest and largest Black-owned tax/financial assistance firm in the country. Go to the website, comprotax.net, and find the office closest to you.

In keeping with my theme of economic empowerment, this is about Black business in general, not just one individual business. This is about doing what every other group in this country does in a “competently unconscious” way. They support one another and grow their businesses to the point of being able to provide jobs for their own children. What many of us do is simply get mad and complain about them instead of doing what they are doing.

The more we pass our dollars around to one another, the more empowered we become and the stronger we will be, even to the point of building and maintaining a solid unshakeable economic foundation for our young people. We will also provide them with the proper examples of what they, in turn, should do.

So, while this is not entirely about Compro Tax, I do encourage you to seek them out, as well as other Black-owned tax preparation firms in your city. You will develop relationships with some great people, and you will be exposed to an opportunity to open your own tax preparation business. Taxes comprise a recession-proof industry, as you well know, because no matter what the economy does, the tax man will cometh; and your tax dollars, preparation fees and refunds, will goeth to someone. Make every effort to make them goeth to a Black business.


James Clingman

NNPA Columnist