Do you believe Black people should work together in support of one another? Do you believe that Black people should better utilize more of our $900 billion-plus annual aggregate income to start and grow businesses? Do you believe Black people should share our information and experience with one another to build a brighter future for our children? If your answers are “Yes,” and I am sure they are, then you will join thousands of others in the Black Unity Movement.

The mission of the Unity Movement is to unite, educate, and economically empower Black people nationwide. Its goal is to unite a minimum of 2 million people who represent that enormous buying power and intellectual capacity, which will be used to open new businesses, create more jobs, educate our youth, and move billions of dollars into Black-owned banks.

The brainchild of Mike Moore of Cincinnati, the Unity Movement will provide a foundation of knowledge, contacts, and power from which Black people can move collectively toward the realization of the tremendous potential within our ranks.

The Unity Movement, in conjunction with other such initiatives across the country, will create opportunities for Black people to leverage our intellectual resources as well as our financial resources to gain reciprocity in the marketplace. It will also provide an additional network of like-minded folks who are willing to share and work together toward a common goal.

Moore stated, “I truly believe we already have the knowledge and the economic means to create a better future for ourselves and our children. The only thing missing is the unity that brings us together.”

The current environment in this country, and the world, makes it incumbent upon each one of us to do whatever we can to help build a solid future for our children. They will need all the tools available to be able to survive and thrive in this global economy. They need to see us, the adults, acting in concert with one another and doing what we want them to do as they grow older. They need to see us connected and responding unselfishly to the demands of this world especially when it comes to sharing, collaborating, and being willing to help one another.

Ever since the Million Man march in October1995, I have participated and helped establish several initiatives whose purpose was to empower our people, mainly economically but also educationally, socially, and politically. All but a couple of those initiatives eventually faded away, not because they failed to address many of our problems, but because we simply did not sustain them. Support and sustainability are keys to the survival of any movement, and no matter what we call it, no matter how enthusiastic we are at the beginning, and no matter how much we understand the need for any initiative, it will not last if we do not bring the commitment and dedication to support it and do whatever it takes to sustain it as well. The Unity Movement, just one of several initiatives up and running now in 2012, is certainly worth our commitment and participation.

All you have to do to join is go to the Webs site and add your information. That’s it. Before we can accomplish the goals of the Unity Movement we must have critical mass, and Mike Moore has determined that number to be 2 million. So, please go to the site: and get on board.

One more thing: Let’s not get hung-up on the usual things that keep us from supporting something that someone other than “I” brought forth. I know brothers and sisters across this nation that are doing some fantastic things to help solve our problems, but with all the problems facing Black folks in this country and around the world, there are never enough answers, and there is definitely not just one answer. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking, “My thing is better is than his thing,” or “My thing was here first,” or “I was doing that years ago.” That’s a prescription for continued failure with the Black community of this country. There is room for more than one initiative and we can all walk and chew gum at the same time.

A little more love, a little more trust, and a little more respect for one another will bring the unity we need to move forward, no matter what the local, national, or international environment may bring. The Unity Movement will give us the boost we need to achieve that love, trust, and respect. It will also provide us with a knowledge base, an economic foundation, and an educational platform from which can launch other much needed initiatives. Get on Board!

For more information go to or contact the Unity Movement at 1-888-93-UNITY.

James Clingman

NNPA Columnist