By Imani Wj Wright 

On Feb. 13, The T. Rowe Price Foundation, and CASH Campaign of Maryland celebrated the opening of Bmore Colab, a space for local businesses and entrepreneurs to collaborate, share ideas and obtain financial support/consulting. 

Bmore Colab’s official statement reads:

“Bmore CoLab is an ambitious partnership with the CASH Campaign of Maryland (CASH), who will manage a collaboration between other nonprofits in the Bmore CoLab including KIVA Baltimore, Innovation Works, and Mission Launch. They will provide a variety of community services focused on empowering entrepreneurship and financial well-being in Baltimore as a free or low-cost public service.”

(Press Release photo/T. Rowe Price Group, Inc.)

“The organizations will use the space, donated and renovated by the T. Rowe Price Foundation, to collaborate with community members and each other on solving local financial challenges, learning from one another, and innovating new approaches to common community financial challenges.” Bmore Colab continued. 

John Brothers,  President of the T. Rowe Price Foundation told The AFRO

“I don’t think it’s any secret that Baltimore is a city that has a lot of amazing ideas. But – we want this center to be a place that can help those great ideas and move them to the next level. That’s what this center is dedicated to, and all the partners here, everyday, will be committed to making sure that happens.” 

The AFRO also acquired a statement from T. Rowe Price CEO and President, Bill Stromberg, stating: “Our goal is to provide a space where these and other local financial organizations will identify and innovate new approaches to financial challenges facing our community.”

Bmore CoLab is located on 100 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202.