By Ariel Medley, Special to the AFRO

When we think of emancipation, we think of freedom.  But what about the emancipation of our emotional barriers?  When faced with life’s difficulties, how do we summon the courage and strength to move on?  These questions, and others, are the focus in Dr. Dee Carroll’s first book, Emotional Emancipation: Step Into Your Freedom, Reinvent Your Challenges, and Move Beyond.

At the Country Club at Woodmore in Bowie, Maryland on August 23, Dee Carroll Ph.D, introduced her book.  The book takes readers on an emotional journey through the personal trials and tribulations of Dr. Dee and countless others and looks at how each faced and overcame obstacles.  The book includes a forward by Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

The three-hour book signing event included live music, raffles, and speeches by supporters, sponsors, and associates.  Among the key speakers was Prince George’s county State Attorney Aisha N. Braveboy. “Tell your story, you can help someone else.  Dr. Dee told her story to let us all know who she is,” said Braveboy during her heartfelt account of Dr. Dee’s spirit.

Life coach, motivational speaker, consultant, and now author, Dee has dedicated her life to helping others overcome their personal obstacles and emotional hardships.  She is a survivor of hardship.  She was the owner of a multi-million-dollar business, a dream home she cherished for decades, commercial property, a blossoming career– and then she lost it all.  “My legs were cut out from under me” Dr. Dee told the AFRO. Many nights she sat, staring at the ceiling, crying, and praying.  She even contemplated taking her own life.  However, through determination and prayer, she found the strength to pull herself up.

She began wondering about people who faced similar situations.  “What about others who are not as strong and who would give up easily?  People who think they can’t deal with the problem? People who will walk away first?”  The book was conceived to help them.

Today, Dee offers counseling to individuals, families and small businesses.  She gives talks to women’s groups and recovery programs. She is an advocate for minority business and has appeared on CNN to discuss the successes of minority businesses.  She has also spoken before the U.S. Senate Committee on Housing and Urban Affairs on lending disparities found in minority and inner-city communities.

The closing speeche was given by author Dr. Clarence ‘Dr. Dave’ Davis, a longtime associate and friend of Dee.  Each has dedicated their lives to helping people who are falling down or feeling lost.  “It’s always inspiring when you have walked the walk” said Davis.