Bowie State University (BSU) student Alexis Simpson appeared in a Prince George’s County courtroom on Sept. 19 to face charges that she murdered her roommate.

The 19-year-old District Heights resident is charged, according to police, because she “did feloniously, willfully and deliberately premeditated malice aforethought kill and murder” District native Dominique Frazier.

According to charging documents, witnesses told police that Simpson and Frazier had been arguing for a week. As the women were preparing to attend a homecoming comedy show, Simpson turned off Frazier’s iPod that was playing in the bathroom as she was taking a shower.

Documents say that witnesses, other roommates in the suite-style dorms, asked Simpson to turn the music back on, but Simpson refused. A fight ensued, which was broken up by the other roommates.

One witness pushed Simpson back into her room. She later emerged from the room with a knife according to documents and attacked Frazier with it.

Witnesses say that when Simpson stopped swinging at Frazier, she said “I didn’t mean to do it, you all don’t know what I’ve been through; you all jumped me.”

Frazier then walked into the hallway and collapsed on the floor. She was pronounced dead later at Prince George’s Hospital Center.

Simpson’s Twitter account was used against her in the preliminary hearing as two days before the incident, she tweeted “I should have stabbed his the other day.” In her profile on the social media website, she refers to herself as “Sweetz, the female slayer.”

Simpson is being held without bond. She has another court date scheduled for Oct. 14.

The incident hit BSU hard as it cancelled classes and homecoming activities on Sept. 16 and held a gathering for consolation and support at the Leonidas James Physical Education Complex on campus.

University officials said they were saddened that the incident happened.

“Bowie State University is saddened by the tragic death of a student who was fatally stabbed in an altercation with another student in the Christa McAuliffe Residential Community (CMRC) at about 8 p.m. Thursday evening,” a university statement said.

“Bowie State administration, faculty, staff and students offer deepest condolences to the family of the victim Dominique T. Frazier, 18, a resident in CMRC from Washington, D.C.,” it continued. “This kind of senseless violence is difficult to understand.”

Some homecoming activities resumed on Sept. 17, including the football game in which Bowie State won 41-14 over Livingstone College, the parade at Bowie Town Centre and a step show and after party.

BSU’s counseling center remained open throughout the weekend, encouraging students to come in to discuss their grief, but also to address any roommate issues they may be having as well.

In addition to the counseling service, there are residence assistants in the dormitories and a residence dean to help mediate disputes.

A student who said she was a friend of Frazier’s, but asked not to be identified, said that Frazier had asked to be transferred to a new room, but was on a waiting list for an available space – although no one thought the disagreements between the roommates would lead to a tragic end.

The day after Frazier’s death, students, staff and faculty gathered on campus for a memorial and the slain student was honored during homecoming.

“They did a tribute for her during the fashion show,” in which the models wore black to honor Frazier, said sophomore Adwoa Bempa.

“It’s bittersweet,” said Katrina Williams, a senior elementary education major. “I’m sure it’s in the back of everyone’s minds.”

Camira Powell of the Howard University Newswire contributed to this report.