Bowie State University President Mickey L. Burnim will present twice at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) 2010 New Presidents’ Academy at the end of July.

The New Presidents’ Academy, a special leadership opportunity designed for new AASCU presidents and chancellors, is responsive to the needs of the position and the person. Participants are presidents and chancellors at AASCU member institutions who are serving in this capacity for the first time and who assumed their presidencies within the past two years (since spring 2008).

The emphasis of the academy will be on the establishment of a strong presidential base. President Burnim’s first workshop, “Managing Your Pace,” will cover the following topics: taking charge of your agenda; managing your time and calendar and taking care of yourself.  Dr. Burnim’s second workshop during the academy is entitled “External Advocacy” and covers the following topics: the role of the president/chancellor; marketing to external publics; with the media; working with public officials and building community partnerships.

Burnim has served as BSU’s ninth president since 2006.