DNA extraction, forensic fingerprinting and bacterial transformation laboratory experiences are just some of the opportunities undergraduate students and high school teachers will take part in at the Biotechnology Summer Institute at Bowie State University this June.  

Bowie State University, the University of Maryland College Park, and the National Science Foundation have teamed to provide the biotechnical institute this summer. The goal of the institute is to promote the interests of students, provide research experience, train personnel and equip high school teachers with the tools to reach out to youth in the biotechnology industry.  Undergraduate students from Bowie State University, the University of Maryland College Park, Towson University and Anne Arundel Community College will participate as well as teachers from area Prince Georges and Howard County high schools.
“The BSU Biotechnology Summer Institute will provide an avenue for preparing high school science teachers from minority schools for greater impact on their students in the STEM disciplines,” Dr. George Ude, Associate Professor in the Department of Natural Sciences at Bowie State University said in a statement. “Also, many undergraduate participants will be equipped with basic laboratory skills to qualify for biotech research technician positions and to continue with research based graduate degrees in STEM.” 
Biotechnology has significantly evolved in the last two decades due in part to the contributions of the Human Genome Project and advances in recombinant DNA technology. These developments are transforming the fields of Forensics, Health, Energy, and Agricultural Sciences. Teachers and students who complete this institute will be acquainted with the tools and techniques of modern biotechnology.

The institute will be presented by Dr. George Ude, Principal Investigator, who has over 15 years of high school and college teaching and research experiences. Principal Investigators in collaboration with Dr. Ude are the University of Maryland’s Dr. Gary D. Coleman of the Department of Plant Sciences and Landscape Architecture; Dr. Ganesh Sriram of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; and Dr. Jianhua Zhu of the Department of Plant Sciences and Landscape Architecture.
The institute will run from June 4-June 15, 2012 for undergraduate students and June 18-29, 2012 for high school teachers. For more information, please contact Dr. George Ude at 301-860-3347 or gude@bowiestate.edu.