Yellow crime scene tape with several police cars in the background.

Baltimore Police Officer Eric Banks Jr. was charged with first and second degree murder and child abuse in the death of his stepson. (By Eva Carre via Shutterstock)

By Joshua Moore
Special to the AFRO

Baltimore Police Officer Eric Banks Jr. has been charged with first and second degree murder, along with child abuse, in the death of his stepson, Dasan Jones.

On July 6, Banks initially told the police that Jones wasn’t in the house, this led to a search of the house with consent from Banks. The police found the lifeless body of Jones.
The police tried to take Banks into custody, but he refused. According to an officer that wrote the charging report, it took five officers to get him down. He was charged with attempting to disarm a law officer, resisting arrest and assault.

Fast forward to July 14, charging documents obtained by WJZ indicate that Dasan had injuries to his face, neck and mouth. Also, his clothes were drenched in bleach. This led to Banks being charged with first and second degree murder. The medical examiner determined that the cause of death was asphyxiation.

In a press conference July 14, Anne Arundel County Police Chief Amal Awad praised how the officers continued to search for the truth. With the case being active, it was not much that the chief could disclose to the public.

“I could not be more proud of our officers in their response in investigating this case,” Awad

In a brief memoir of “DJ,” Awad said that he had just completed his freshman year and he
excelled in his academics. He was also a skilled violinist. Awad called on the community to uplift DJ’s mom, who continues to grieve the death of her son.

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