By Turo

As a loving father of eight children, Bradford Phillips has always been committed to supporting and guiding his family. He was an unconditional provider and protector, dedicating all of his resources to ensure the joy, safety, and comfort of his children. 

The Phillips family, like many families in the Black community, were hit particularly hard by economic disparities and a lack of access to resources. Although this is an all too familiar tale for those within the community, Bradford wasn’t about to let his family become a victim of circumstance—not at all. Instead, he chose to carve out a different path for himself and his family. 

Bradford didn’t expect it, but peer-to-peer car sharing with Turo gave him the opportunity to do just that. What follows is an account of economic prosperity for Black families breaking down traditional barriers in the economy. 

Peer-to-peer car sharing has revolutionized transportation, and Turo is at the forefront by helping unite Black entrepreneurs and their households. We invite you to join us in this exploration of how one father-daughter duo is making their mark on the Turo community. 

The Phillips’ Story of Financial Empowerment and Unbreakable Bonds 

Originally from Michigan, Bradford came to Maryland on a basketball scholarship, but his career was unfortunately cut short by an injury. Undeterred, Bradford finished college with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and started a successful residential remodeling and home rehab business. 

When the eldest of his eight kids, Jasmine, struggled to adjust to college life and was on the brink of giving up, Bradford decided to take a risk and return to school himself for a Master’s in marketing. He hoped his return to school would be a catalyst for Jasmine to finish her degree, as well. When you communicate with Bradford, he will never reveal the fact that Jasmine is adopted—in his heart, she has always been and forever will be his little girl. Bradford confidently strode back into the classroom and was delighted when Jasmine followed suit. Miraculously, they both graduated from university and now collaborate on various business endeavors together! 

As 2015 rolled around, Bradford heard of peer-to-peer car sharing with Turo. After understanding the mission of Turo—putting the world’s 1.5 billion cars to better use—he decided to give it a shot, but included his daughter, Jasmine, in his new endeavor. 

Bradford and Jasmine embraced Turo’s mission and saw an opportunity for true economic empowerment. Bradford says, “I thought it was a phenomenal concept. It’s not just about where you end up; it’s how you get to where you’re going… we’re all about that in my house.”

Turo Helps Continue the Rich Tradition of Black Entrepreneurship 

Turo, the world’s largest peer-to-peer car-sharing marketplace, has offered invaluable opportunities to entrepreneurs everywhere by providing a platform for small business owners. 

Fast forward from 2015 to 2023, and the Phillips family now hosts five luxury vehicles on Turo in Baltimore—providing peer-to-peer car-sharing services to the entire local community and out-of-town guests alike. From hosting alone, they have netted over tens of thousands in gross profits annually—a source of income they never thought possible when running their second business of residential remodeling. 

At 24 years of age, Jasmine is a beacon to her six younger sisters. When asked about her Turo experience, Jasmine says, “I really try to make the guest feel like they’re in their own car, so it feels like home.” She now enjoys life with her father, whom she never thought she would have the privilege to call dad. Holding back tears, she says that their joint businesses have helped provide them with a bond unbreakable by time or distance—one she could only dream of while living in foster care as a young girl. 

Wrapping Up: What’s Next for Bradford and Jasmine 

Bradford’s story is living proof that peer-to-peer car-sharing through Turo is a gateway to economic freedom and empowerment. This holds true in Baltimore and beyond, offering countless opportunities for Black business owners everywhere. 

As we enter 2023, the Phillips family eagerly anticipates expanding their Turo business and providing peer-to-peer car-sharing services, not just in Baltimore, but throughout the region. They also plan to provide a welcoming venue for local artists to showcase their art at the Phillips’ private warehouse. 

The Turo community of hosts and guests represents many different ethnic backgrounds and communities, and our community’s makeup is only becoming more diverse. In our commitment to economic empowerment and equity, we are proud to help continue the rich history of Black familial entrepreneurship by celebrating and empowering hosts like Bradford and Jasmine Phillips. 

Their testimonies are a powerful reminder of the potential peer-to-peer car-sharing has in creating economic opportunities for everyone. As Turo continues to grow and expand, we will strive to create an inclusive peer-to-peer economy that provides financial security for all communities. Thanks for being part of the journey!

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