The listing of calories on America’s fast food menus may result in the decline of many popular menu items that are not healthy, the Associated Press reported. 

Signed into law by President Obama, the calorie-posting mandate assumes diners will feel guilty after reading the calorie counts for greasy, sugary and fatty foods. 

Advocates against obesity are hopeful that fast food restaurants will offer healthier options after being forced to post the calories. 

Many restaurants have offered healthier food options in recent years, according to restaurants contacted by the AP, and many of the menu tweaks were made to satisfy health-conscious customers.

“You hope the calorie posting is going to put pressure on the chain restaurants—because they have to post those calories—to reformulate and make small changes in what they offer,” Cathy Nonas, director of the New York City health department’s physical activity and nutrition programs told the AP. “And indeed, we’re seeing that. Obviously not with everything, but there are changes in almost every restaurant.”

Health researchers believe labeling laws will end up having some effect on the fast food menu items offered at restaurants. One public health researcher pointed out that food manufacturers reduced the amount of trans-fats in their products after they were required to include the level of those fats on their product’s packaging.