It is often hard to maintain an optimistic attitude after being faced with adversity but new coming author, Donna Hopkins, seems to have mastered the practice of positivity despite some extremely difficult circumstances. Hopkins’ book, “Getting to the Other Side of Victory”, will be released March 15 and details her two-time struggle with cancer and lower leg amputation and how she managed to take her life back and rise above her pain.

Hopkins was born and raised in West Virginia and attended what is now known as Fairmont State University and currently lives in Silver Spring.

“I wrote the book because I went through cancer twice. In 1997 discovered a lump in my breast that turned out to be cancer and then 2 years later in 1999 I had a reoccurrence. I thought that would be the most that I had to go through, being hit with cancer twice but in 2010, I always say I went through an unforeseen medical disaster.”

“I went to the hospital to have uterine fibroids removed, and it’s funny, I walked to the hospital that day and actually sent out an email to my friends joking that this would be my last walk for a minute thinking that I’d be in the hospital for 5 days and then out, but that 5 day hospital trip ended up being a 2 month hospital stay that ended with the amputation of my lower left leg.”

Losing her leg was an extremely traumatic event for Hopkins.  Many people find writing to be cathartic following a great tragedy or trauma, Hopkins is no exception.

“I ended up writing the book in the hospital because when we go through unforeseeable circumstances and things in our lives and we’re getting hit with things from every direction whether it’s medical or financial, whatever the situation may be, sometimes you end up getting stuck in what you’ve gone through and unable to move forward. I started jotting down notes in the hospital just for healing purposes, after going through everything I went through I realized that I’m still a blessed individual and that the fact that I’m still alive is key. Sometimes we get so stuck in the past that we can’t move forwards and then we cheat ourselves out of the present and out of living life to the fullest. That was the inspiration for the book, first for myself but also to help other people win in life and get past what they’ve gone through and then move forward with life.”

While Hopkins’ medical mishaps have physically changed her life, they have also had a huge impact on her overall outlook.

“You have no time to waste with crying about your situation and what has happened because you can never go back and do anything about what you’ve come through, but you can do something about how you move forward. My attitude has changed a lot, I don’t waste time, I don’t surround myself with negativity or people who can’t enjoy life, I’ve already survived tough times and it would be devastating to stay in it. I just don’t waste time anymore I do everything that I want to do, I make a point to be more involved and present in my relationships with those around me. Material things will fade away over time, but relationships are the things that last and help you to push forward through life. I enjoy living life. I’m a competitive person and my focus is winning in life despite the odds.”

‘That’s what I’ve learned through this, many people haven’t gone through any of what I’ve gone through and they are cheating themselves out of life and I live it. If I were to leave this world today people would say “Man, Donna lived!” This book is going to be a book that, I believe, regardless of age, race and what you’re going through, that they can grab onto and push forward in getting past whatever they’re going through.”

Getting to The Other Side of Victory will be released March 15th . To learn more about Donna and her story visit her website,