By AFRO Staff

The Office of the State Prosecutor announces that Richard Parker, a candidate for
Baltimore City Sheriff back in 2014, was recently charged with filing a campaign
finance report with false and misleading information and signing an electronic
submission of one of his campaign forms without express consent of his treasurer.

The charges allege that the campaign finance report that was filed on or about
Jan. 1, 2015 indicated that Parker had over $40k in his campaign account
for the Committee to Elect Richard Parker, of which he was Chairman. He allegedly
reported a bank account number that did not exist. His actual bank account for the
Committee to Elect Richard Parker never contained an amount close to $40k.

Parker also allegedly filed a campaign report containing the signature line of his
Treasurer, over the line “Signature of Treasurer” when his treasurer had not
consented to have the forms signed in her name and had not signed the form
herself or examined the form and its contents.

“Transparency is an essential element of the campaign process and we must hold
people accountable who do not accurately report their campaign information,” said
Kelly Madigan, Deputy State Prosecutor. Although charged, the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until there is a conviction.